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When it comes to tow straps and car hauler straps, we carry it all and custom combinations too! We offer a complete selection of towing straps, ratchet straps, tow hooks, strap hardware and lifting and rigging tools. Not only will find a complete selection recovery straps like roundslings, wear pads, truck and car tie-downs, lifting shackles and wheel straps we offer general tie down systems with hooks to heavy-duty 4 inch ratchet straps with chains, you’ll find the ratchet strap tie down equipment you need at East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales.

We’ve listed our customer favorites and most common securement tie-down products below, but keep in mind that custom straps are available too. Our product specialists can help with any questions you have and can also assist you in placing an order. Call 1-866-490-7278

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6"x20' 2 Ply Recovery Sling

$379.46 $255.19

6"x20' 2 Ply Recovery SlingASSEMBLED IN THE USA - This 2-Ply Recovery Sling by ECTTS is ideal for providing stability and power during vehicle recovery. The extra thickness reinforces the strength and durability of the product against heavy loads over...

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ECTTS 12' x 2" Strap with D-Ring

$20.74 $12.17

ECTTS 12' x 2" Strap with D-Ring Protect unusual cars with this ECTTS Tie Down Strap. Specially designed for exotic vehicles with low-profile wheels and tires, it has a D-ring to keep the strap tight and ensure the vehicle is transported safely. - Size:...

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ECTTS 16' Heavy Duty Strap

$23.65 $15.07

ECTTS 16 Foot Heavy Duty Replacement Strap This heavy duty strap is 16 foot long and has outside stitching for added strength to webbing and more abrasion resistance.   3,670 LBS Working Load Limit     3053-192

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ECTTS 2 3-Ply Axle Strap

$20.85 $12.75

ECTTS 2" x 30" 3-Ply Axle Strap Securely Anchor Vehicles to your Trailer  Anchor a vehicle securely to a trailer with this 3-ply Axle Strap. It mounts to one of the strongest parts of the car, and its D-rings let you affix a ratchet strap to it for...

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ECTTS 2" x 48" 3-Ply Axle Strap

$25.13 $13.33

ECTTS 2" x 48" 3-Ply Axle Strap Secure 3-ply Strap with D-Rings Equip your vehicle hauler with this 3-ply Axle Strap. It has D-rings at each end for attaching to J-hooks or ratchet straps to keep your load secure and tight. - Dimensions: 2" x 48" -...

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ECTTS 8' Lasso Strap with D-Ring

$14.24 $9.27

ECTTS 8' Lasso Strap with D-Ring This ECTTS Lasso Strap has reinforced stitching and durable construction. It comes in bright yellow for easy visibility and fits perfectly in tight spaces or low clearance. The welded D-ring makes it easily adjustable,...

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ECTTS V-Strap, 15 Legs

$87.46 $57.99

ECTTS V-Strap, 15"J Hooks, T & Mini J Hooks, with 24" Legs These 3 Ply V-Straps provide 15″ J Hooks, T Hooks and Mini J Hooks. This product comes with 24" legs.   Working Load Limit: 5,400 Lbs. @ 60°

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9' Long Strap with Hook and Loop

$18.97 $12.75

9' Long Strap with Hook and Loop ASSEMBLED IN THE USA - Also coined the the Hook and Loop Strap. This 9 ft. strap is great for low profile cars and imports. 2" Wide x 9' Long Strap with Hook and Loop Passes through wheel slots similar to a "D"...

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B/A Products Motorcycle Dolly

$442.80 $343.17

The Cycle Dolly supports motorcycles; allowing them to be loaded using the rollback's winch. One person can easily and safely load and unload a bike in minutes. Disassembles to fit in a 24" toolbox. Has a 900 lb. capacity (2) 6 Foot Straps (4) 16...

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B/A Products Secure A Strap

$3.46 $2.68

Tired of your tail getting caught?  Keep your straps up and out of the way to protect them from damage with the B/A Secure-a-Strap. This low cost solution will work with any tie-down kit or stand alone strap and also works great for neatly storing a...

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