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When it comes to tow straps and car hauler straps, we carry it all and custom combinations too! We offer a complete selection of towing straps, ratchet straps, tow hooks, strap hardware and lifting and rigging tools. Not only will you find a complete selection of recovery straps like round slings, wear pads, truck and car tie-downs, lifting shackles and wheel straps, but we also offer everything from general tie down systems with hooks to heavy-duty 4 inch ratchet straps with chains! You’ll find the ratchet strap tie down equipment you need at East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales.

We’ve listed our customer favorites and some of the most common securement tie-down products below, but keep in mind that custom straps are available as well. Our product specialists can help with any questions you have and can also assist you in placing an order. Call 1-866-490-7278

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Wheel Lift Straps
V Bridles Strap Wedge Car Hauler Straps Frame Hook Straps
Ratchet Straps & Ratchet Chains Recovery Straps Ratchet Handles ATV Straps
Rollback and Flatbed Straps

Motorcycle Straps

Enclosed Trailer Tie Down Straps Strap Hardware



Motorcycle Handlebar Crossover Kit

$46.00 $35.00

Motorcycle Handlebar Crossover Kit Secure a motorcycle in tow with this handlebar crossover kit. The Strap assembly has loops at each end for the ratchet straps. These tighten over the motorcycle handlebars, without attachment points. This reduces the...

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Secure-A-Strap | BA Products

$5.00 $4.00

Secure-A-Strap | BA Products Tired of your tail getting caught?  Keep your straps up and out of the way to protect them from damage with the B/A Secure-a-Strap. This low cost solution will work with any tie-down kit or stand alone strap and also...

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2 in. Ratchet w/o Hook | ECTTS

$16.00 $12.00

2 in. Ratchet w/o Hook | ECTTS Strap Ratchets come in two handle styles, narrow and wide. The wide sized handles are made for larger gloved hands. When ordering just match your current ratchet with one of ours and make sure you are aware of the working...

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Over-the-Wheel Basket Strap | ECTTS

$19.00 $13.00

Over-the-Wheel Basket Strap | ECTTS This ECTTS brand basket strap is a great way to secure a car tire to a wheel lift or a wedge trailer. The 2 in. webbing has additional stitching along the edges to help reduce wear and tear.   WLL:...

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2 in. Ergolash Ratchet | ECTTS

$20.00 $16.00

2 in. Ergolash Ratchet | ECTTS For optimal stiffness and longevity, these ERGOLASH ratchets are composed of steel with a cross-section that is 0.5 mm thicker than standard inexpensive ratchets. Dealing with the ratchet allows you to immediately...

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The 8-Point Rollback Tie- Down System is easy to install and prevents all four tires from moving back and forth. Each strap has a Work Load Limit of 4,000 lbs. and is totally adjustable to accommodate any car or small truck. Different styles are available 8 Point Tie-Down Strap Kit | BA Products


8 Point Tie-Down Strap Kit | BA Products

$271.00 $215.00

8 Point Tie-Down Strap Kit | BA Products 14ft Long Straps With Snap Hook, Short Straps With Sewn Eyes, & Ratchets With Chain The 8-Point Rollback Tie- Down System is easy to install and prevents all four tires from moving back and forth. Each strap...

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Rubber Cleat for 2 in. Straps

$2.00 $0.69

Rubber Cleat for 2 in. Straps Introducing our Rubber Cleat for 2-inch straps, the perfect solution for preventing sliding and shifting of cargo during transport. Designed to be installed on a 2-inch strap, this rubber cleat is easy to use and...

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Motorcycle Sling Straps

$36.00 $20.00

Motorcycle Sling Straps  The Motorcycle Wheel Lift Sling Straps for towing includes (2) straps. One 45" and one 54".  The 2 slings are used to lift and tow the motorcycle. With the use of your own straps, you can secure the wheels to a tow bar...

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