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Car Wheel Skates are excellent for positioning vehicles for wrecker hook up or loading onto a rollback bed. Tire Skates, Container Skates and Control Arm Skates help to load vehicles with damaged or stuck wheels, minimizes friction between the wheels and the ground and helps to reduce stress on your winch and wire rope. 

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Tire Skate in Safety Orange

$20.76 $15.26

Tire Skate in Safety Orange Move a disabled vehicle easily without sticking or shaking Great for lining up vehicles to be hooked-up or loading car carrier beds This is a single skate Overall dimensions 15-3/4"L x 3-1/2"W X 3-1/2"H  

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All-Purpose Tire Skate

$30.74 $23.09

I Tow In Inc. ITI All-Purpose Tire Skate APS4   No more fighting to move a vehicle when the wheels are locked or flat.    This I Tow In Inc. All-Purpose Tire Skate APS4 is utilized for moving vehicles or heavy equipment without engaging...

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Control Arm Tire Skate 6in.

$148.48 $109.99

Control Arm Tire Skate 6in. Protect axles and other vehicle components during transport when a wheel is damaged or missing with this I Tow In Inc. Control Arm Tire Skate. It's resistant to grease or dirt and provides the clearance height required for...

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Heavy Duty Container Tire Skate

$69.60 $51.69

Heavy Duty Container Tire Skate These container skates are made from an extra durable composite built to last. You'll find these heavy duty container skates don't show wear as much - making them a great long term solution for moving and loading cargo,...

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