Pull - Tow - Recover Like A Pro

Premium Performance at a Reasonable Price

OEM’s, utility companies, professional recovery operators, and the British Military agree Warrior winches are the professional’s choice.

There are many winch choices on the market, unfortunately a good proportion of winches are generic mass produced units carrying several brand names. On the other hand there are also some well designed winches on the market, extremely competent and good at what they are intended for, but wildly expensive and relying on a Brand name to justify the price. Warrior Winches however are well designed, they are extremely competent, they offer the same if not better features than the competition, but not at ‘high dollar’ prices. In short, Warrior Winches provide premium performance for a reasonable price. The Warrior brand is now established as one of the biggest selling winch brands in Europe today and is making big waves in the United States. Warrior offers the largest range of winches available with capacities ranging from 1 - 50 Tons.