Height Sticks

Don't be negligent and risk your life or the life of others on the roadway. Measure the height of every load you carry with our truck load height sticks. They are critical for any auto transport car hauler regardless if you're pulling a car carrier, a flatbed rollback or heavy haul trailer a load measuring stick is a must have tool. Our selection of load height sticks will allow you to measure up to 15ft, more than enough for you to choose the right route to your next destination. Select from our durable standard stick or our high performance heavy gauge measuring sticks.

Truck Load Height Stick | 15 ft.

Truck Load Height Stick | 15 ft.

$173.00 $133.00

Truck Load Height Stick | 15 ft. Yellow Extends to 15 Foot Collapses to 5 Foot 6 Inches Rugged load height stick Measures from 5' 6" to 15'. | 5 ft. 6 in. to 15 ft. The cross arm is 4 foot long and has a double sided hinge with locking wing screw...

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