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Shop our huge selection of parts and supplies for towing professionals. Build the tool and rigging kits to equip your standard, mid, and heavy wreckers right here. 

Find everything you need for professional towing and recovery services at ECTTS. Shop our wide selection of tow straps and hook configurations. Discover proven combinations and explorer new equipment to learn what others in the industry are using to tackle their jobs. 

Secure and recover vehicles with tie downs, hooks and cables designed to provide safety and protection, and use our line of sturdy winch cables with fiber cores and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel sleeves for heavy-duty applications. We offer winch bars in lengths from 24 to 38 inches, as well as multiple sized pulley blocks that support up to 15 tons to make rigging and lifting easier. We also carry rollback and wrecker parts from Jerr-Dan, an industry-leading manufacturer, including bearings and bushings, handle controls, link welds and LED lights.


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24 in. Tie Down Bar | ECTTS

$30.00 $26.00

Tie Down Bar | 24 in. Great for use with Auto Haulers! Winch Bars have a gripper handle and chrome plated solid steel design that helps you get a stronger and faster hold. Finish: Chrome Plated Textured Area for Gripping FOR USE WITH 5/16 CHAIN Tie...

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28 in. Tie Down Bar | ECTTS

$31.00 $27.00

Tie Down Bar | 28 in. Your Go-To Tie Down Bar  Secure cargo for transport with this Tie Down Bar. Its textured grip improves comfort and keeps your hands from slipping, and it works with various strap ratchet assemblies.   - Length: 28"-...

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38 in. Tie Down Bar | ECTTS

$34.00 $30.00

Tie Down Bar | 38 in. Tie-Down Bars make it easier to secure vehicles in transport in less time. They can be used in ratchet tie downs and are a critical tool to have on hand. | 38 in. 38 inches of leverage makes tough jobs easy.

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Car Door Lockout Wedge | 5.5 in.

$12.00 $9.00

Car Door Lockout Wedge | 5.5 in. This rigid plastic wedge is used to create an initial gap along the door frame of a car with the accompanied use of an air wedge. WARNING! Door tools cannot ship USPS (United States Postal Service). These tools are not...

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Wire Rope Clamp | 3/8 in.

$4.00 $3.00

Wire Rope Clamp | 3/8 in. ASSEMBLED IN THE USA - Rope wire clamps for any application  Keep loose wire ends locked in place with these Wire Rope Clamps. They're designed for a variety of light-duty applications that don't involve supporting...

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Motorcycle Handlebar Crossover Kit

$46.00 $36.00

Motorcycle Handlebar Crossover Kit Secure a motorcycle in tow with this handlebar crossover kit. The Strap assembly has loops at each end for the ratchet straps. These tighten over the motorcycle handlebars, without attachment points. This reduces the...

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Door Lock Tool

$33.00 $28.00

Door Lock Tool by Steck The Big Easy Tool opens doors without having to manipulate the internal door mechanism, so there is no risk of damaging window hardware, door locks, or wiring on the inside. With the Big Easy Tool, you can easily open the door...

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Magnetic Tow Lights | BA Products

$107.00 $86.00

Magnetic Tow Lights | BA Products B/A Products Magnetic Tow Lights offer durable, highly visible base mounts to provide safety and security when towing cars, boats or RVs. Their red color is easily seen, and they connect to your truck via a 4-pin trailer...

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3/4 in. Wrecker Cam Lock | ECTTS

$27.00 $23.00

3/4 in. Wrecker Cam Lock | ECTTS Also referred to as “Twist Lock Plungers”, these ECTTS brand cam locks are commonly used in the towing industry as a safer more reliable substitute for a screw in or slide in pin to hold items like wheel...

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$5.00 $4.00

5/8 WIRE CABLE CLAMP   Winch cable frayed or broken? Can't pull anything up without that! Using these Wire Cable Clamps makes a quick fix that will get you working while you wait for one of our new cables to arrive. Eliminate down time due to a...

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Collins Axle Bracket (Set)

$221.00 $171.00

Collins Axle Bracket (Set) This is a locking dolly axle mounting system us designed for safe storage of cross rails and a pry bar. The dolly storage set can be mounted to the deck for easy accessibility and allows you to padlock your axles. These mounts...

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