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OEM Replacement Parts for Cottrell Manufactured Trailers

 Find OEM replacement parts for your Cottrell manufactured trailers at ECTTS as well, including packing nuts, loading ramps and trailer flippers. We are the largest dealer of Cottrell Car Carrier Trailers in the United States so naturally you will find the biggest selection of OEM replacement parts right here. 

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Pretzel Lock Left Hand | Cottrell

$22.00 $18.00

Pretzel Lock Left Hand | Cottrell This three-sided pretzel lock will fit into a 7/8” pinhole. With the way it is placed and turned the lock will stay in place even during traveling. When the lock is in its proper location it prevents the deck from...

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Cottrell Landing Leg

$55.00 $44.00

Cottrell Landing Leg This “I” shape looking piece is going to be the landing leg when you have to unhook your trailer from you tractor. 6” is the perfect height when trying to drop you trailer.   Cottrell OEM Part Number:...

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Cottrell Load/Skid Stop

$37.00 $30.00

Cottrell Load/Skid Stop With 2 bolts in place you will be able to position this load skid stop to the position you need it. When pulling out you load skids this will stop the skid from being pulled out all of the way and falling out of the slot.

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Cottrell Standard Idler

$12.00 $10.00

Cottrell Standard Idler Chain idlers save your chains. The chains rest on the idlers and keep from dragging on the ground. Mounting the standard chain idler is going to be welded on the side of your rails.  

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Cottrell Cylinder Bracket

$8.00 $7.00

Cottrell Cylinder Bracket Use this cylinder bracket when the cylinder is in an odd position and can’t be welded on the backside. This on is mounted on the edges of the bracket. With this cylinder bracket in place and welded properly it will be a...

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Boydstun Valve Section Rebuild Kit

$14.00 $12.00

Boydstun Valve Section Rebuild Kit 8 o-rings are included in this kit. There are three about the size of a dime and five the size of a pen. These eight seals will go in between the valve sections on a Boydstun Trailer to prevent the hydraulic fluid from...

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Cottrell Fold Down Step

$14.00 $12.00

Cottrell Fold Down Step When chaining down your load there are certain positions you need to be, so you can chain the units down properly. These steps are welded in place on the side of your trailer so it can give you that extra height in order to do...

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2 in. Ratchet w/o Hook | ECTTS

$15.00 $14.00

2 in. Ratchet w/o Hook | ECTTS Strap Ratchets come in two handle styles, narrow and wide. The wide sized handles are made for larger gloved hands. When ordering just match your current ratchet with one of ours and make sure you are aware of the working...

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