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We are the largest dealer of Cottrell Car Haulers in the United States so naturally you will find the biggest selection of OEM replacement parts right here. 

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Cottrell 46" Steel Trailer Flipper

$346.89 $210.34

Cottrell 46 in. x 15 in. Steel Trailer Flipper Use this 46” by 15” steel car hauler trailer flipper to give you little more extra room when loading. Also when the flipper is flipped out you can cover the space that is left between your decks...

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Cottrell Complete Kit

$34.24 $20.76

Seal kit is for Cottrell Aluminum cylinders. The rod size is 1 ½” and the bore is 2 ½”. The actual measurement of the diameter for the cylinder is 2 7/8”. This seal kit will replace all of the seals in this size of...

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Cottrell Cylinder Bracket

$7.88 $4.78

Use this cylinder bracket when the cylinder is in an odd position and can’t be welded on the backside. This on is mounted on the edges of the bracket. With this cylinder bracket in place and welded properly it will be a permanent hold for your...

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Cottrell Cylinder End Cap 2" IL

$56.38 $34.19

To determine if you have an IL (IN-LINE) end cap or a 90-degree end cap, you need to look at your original cylinder hydraulic input connections. If both the top and bottom end caps and hydraulic hoses enter the cylinder in a straight-line fashion, then...

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Cottrell Cylinder Packing Nut 2"

$62.22 $37.73

Aluminum packing nut is for Cottrell cylinders. This piece would go on the end of the cylinder were the rod would come out to extend the decks. The center hole would fit an 1 ½” rod with a bore size of 2” (actual size of cylinder is 2...

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