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Shop our large selection of Cottrell Cylinders and Cottrell Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild Kits. Maintain the hydraulic systems on all your car carrier trailer. Haul with confidence. If you’re looking for a hydraulic hose, hydraulic pump or hydraulic cylinder we’ve got you covered. Besides dependable cylinders, seal packing kits, pressure gauges, clevis rods, cylinder ends and more. Our hydraulic cylinders are original equipment replacements. If you're unable to find the part you need below then shop our Cottrell Parts.

Cottrell Cylinder Packing Nut 2in

$55.00 $42.00

Aluminum packing nut is for Cottrell cylinders. This piece would go on the end of the cylinder were the rod would come out to extend the decks. The center hole would fit an 1 ½” rod with a bore size of 2” (actual size of cylinder is 2...

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Cottrell Cylinder End Cap 2in IL

$50.00 $39.00

To determine if you have an IL (IN-LINE) end cap or a 90-degree end cap, you need to look at your original cylinder hydraulic input connections. If both the top and bottom end caps and hydraulic hoses enter the cylinder in a straight-line fashion, then...

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