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We serve thousands of towing service providers across the country so we carry a wide selection of hydraulic motors, hoses and fittings to serve every need. Depending on the type of truck and the requirements of the job, tow trucks use hydraulic systems differentlyWhen a truck must tow a vehicle but the car is not in reach, a metal arm that extends, called the boom, is used to lift the automobile closer to the truck’s towing system. Flatbed tow trucks also use hydraulics to tilt the bed into a ramp for the vehicle. A hydraulic or machine powered winch is attached to the car which will pull the automobile up onto the flatbed truck. After the car is secured, the flatbed hydraulics reengage and lowers the vehicle along with the bed back to its original position. Tow trucks with wheel-lift systems are user-friendly time savers. The driver can control the hydraulic powered lifting system from inside the cab which extends and locks underneath a car’s frame so the vehicle can be ready to be towed within minutes.



Hydraulic Control Valve System

Tire Lift

Hydraulic Powered Lifting System


Hydraulic Pressure Gauge




Hydraulic Seal Installation Tool

$49.00 $41.00

Hydraulic Seal Installation Tool This durable Universal Seal Installation Tool has been specially designed to mitigate the risk of any damage to the seal lip. - Seal ID Range: 2-3 in. - Maximum Heel Cross Section: 0.600 in. - Weight: 0.32 lbs.| OEM...

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