AutoHauler LockOut Kits & Door Tools

Safely unlock car doors without damaging property

Everything needed to safely unlock doors without damaging property with these auto lockout kits and door tools! We offer popular car door unlock kits by the most popular brands, including ECTTS, B/A, Steck and more.

Air Wedge Lockout Kit

$90.00 $49.00

2x Air Wedge Lockout Kits The vinyl air wedge has an internal stiffener along with a one-hand push button release valve for easy, dependable use. To use the air wedge you must slip the flattened wedge into the door frame and then inflate it with the...

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Door Lock Tool

$47.00 $44.00

Door Lock Tool by Steck The Big Easy Tool opens doors without having to manipulate the internal door mechanism, so there is no risk of damaging window hardware, door locks, or wiring on the inside. With the Big Easy Tool, you can easily open the door...

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5.5in Plastic Wedge


5.5in Plastic Wedge This rigid plastic wedge is used to create an initial gap along the door frame of a vehicle with the accompanied use of an air wedge. WARNING! Door tools cannot ship USPS (United States Postal Service). These tools are not sold or...

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