Hi-Vis Jackets

Stay warm and stay comfortable with our selection of Class 3 hi-vis jackets. Our Bomber jackets, Windbreakers, Parkas, Quilted jackets, Reversible jackets, and pullovers come in either Black or Lime, with your choice of reflective material like 3M Silver reflective tape,  flexible high contrast segmented tape, or Prismatic reflective tape. While our lime colored jackets are Class 3 compliant, our stylish, primarily black, jackets are non-class but can be layered with compliant lime gear to give you stylish options and varying levels of warmth for the ever changing conditions encountered each day. 


Several styles within our Onyx collection are equipped with RipStop material designed not to run out when torn giving you durability and longer wear. Many are also protected with Teflon to repel water, dirt and grime. 


Class 2 Bomber Jacket Parka Pullover
Class 3 Waterproof Quilted Jackets Reflective