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Find all the parts you need to maintain your semi-tractor at ECTTS. From Cobra CB radios that keep you in communication to Rockwood chrome screws for your dashboard, our wide selection will keep your rig fully equipped and ready to run.

We have 8- and 10-lug aluminum rims from Alcoa and other manufacturers that protect your truck from dirt and grime while adding a professional look to large commercial vehicles. We also have a chrome wheel hubcap kit with four rear and two front sets that include axle covers, hubcap and 10 nut covers each, so you can upgrade everything at once, as well as a kit with two rear and two front sets. You can also purchase front or rear sets from us individually, as well as a special lug nut tool.

Keep those rims looking new with Universal all-metal polish, which gets rid of rust, tar and brake dust and adds a protective layer to your equipment. Stay on top of your load weight with products from Air Weigh and Right Weigh, including both digital and analog scales and installation kits. Update your dash for a modern appearance with our wide selection of Rockwood parts, including chrome buttons for the actuator, ABS off road, air conditioning and heat; aluminum and rosewood knobs for the clock, lights, gearshift and dimmers/wipers; switchplates for the engine fan, lights, ignition and windows; and bezel and vent covers. Many Rockwood parts are made specifically for Kenworth and Peterbilt rigs.

We also offer genuine Peterbilt parts to increase your visibility and safety, including lights for cab panels, sleeper panels and hood panels as well as floor mats. In addition, we carry a variety of fifth wheel components from both Fontaine and Cottrell to keep your trailer connection solid, including assemblies, air slides and rebuild kits. Our wide variety of products makes us your one-stop shop for all your truck parts needs.

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Rockwood Nut set Rockwood Nut set

Rockwood Nut set

$6.89 $1.33

Nut set (2) Made by Rockwood Dashboard accessory Chrome - Face Nut Set - Dimmer & Wiper Control Fits Most Peterbilt & Kenworth Models Up Through 2005 models Rockwood | OEM Part Number: PH-YF

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19.5 x 7.50 Aluminum Rim - 10 Lug 19.5 x 7.50 Aluminum Rim - 10 Lug

19.5 x 7.50 Aluminum Rim - 10 Lug

$410.00 $349.53

19.5 x 7.50 Aluminum Rim - 10 Lug Wheel Size: 19.5 x 7.50RWPart Number: 29685ANP Polish Option (Typical Application): MachinedWheel Offset: 6.25"Disc: .875"Installed Valve: TR545D Approx. Wt. (lbs): 38Maximum Load...

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22.5 x 8.25 Aluminum Rim - 10 lug 22.5 x 8.25 Aluminum Rim - 10 lug

22.5 x 8.25 Aluminum Rim - 10 lug

$410.00 $349.53

22.5 x 8.25 Aluminum Rim - 10 lug Accuride wheels are one of the most recognized names in forged aluminum wheels. Competitively priced, Accuride wheels are seen more and more on the road for their superior quality at an affordable price. Accuride...

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ALUMINUM RIM 10 LUG 22.5" X 8-1/4"

$572.40 $443.61

ALUMINUM RIM 10 LUG   22.5" X 8-1/4" This Aluminum Hub Piloted Wheel has been conveniently designed for both front and rear applications. The wheel features 10 hand holes, a machined finish, TR554D valve installation, drive compatibility and steer...

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Aluminum Rim 19.5 x 7.5"

$509.76 $395.06

Aluminum Rim 19.5” x 7.5" Fit these Aluminum Rims to your vehicle for superior road holding due to their light weight. Aluminum is corrosion-resistant, providing long-lasting durability in all weather. - Diameter: 19.5 in. - Width: 7.5 in. -...

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ALUMINUM RIM 19.5" x 7.5 " 8 LUG

$511.92 $396.74

ALUMINUM 19.5" x 7.5 " 8 LUG WHEEL  Machine-finished polished Alcoa Aluminum Rim   Choose these machine-finished polished aluminum wheels for strength and appearance. This hub pilot-type wheels has eight holes to fit larger trucks.   -...

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Peterbilt Cloth Passenger Seat

$420.00 $350.00

Peterbilt Cloth Passenger Side Seat - 1 Passenger Side Seat This is a single seat.  This is a brand new black Peterbilt cloth passenger side seat with air ride that was removed from a new truck as soon as the unit got to our facility...

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Right Weigh Scale

$336.40 $247.23

Right Weigh Scale   Simplify maintaining the legal weight of your truck or trailer with this Right Weigh Scale. It monitors a tandem axle group for an accurate on-the-ground measurement that lets you maximize time and load capacity. The exterior...

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Right Weight Install Kit

$46.40 $34.10

Right Weight Install Kit With this 101-SK Right Weigh Install Kit, you can seamlessly install the 250, 310 and 510 Series Load Scales. In order to complete the installations, the kit includes fittings, zip ties and a 30" airline.| OEM Part Number: 101SK

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$501.12 $388.37

RIM ALUMINUM ACCURIDE 19.5 X 7.5 Aluminum Rim 19.5" x 7.5" Experience strength and durability on the road with this Aluminum Accuride Rim. It features an eight-hole hub piloted dual mount for secure installation, and its polished finish ensures a good...

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