Winch Bars & Ratchet Tie Down Bars

Winch bars are useful to secure tie downs on a rollback wrecker or flatbed trailer. Choose from our selection of 24 inch to 38 inch long tie down bars and decrease strain when securing cargo. Our bars have knurled ends to prevent the bar from slipping from your hand. They can be used in ratchet tie downs and are a must-have for flatbed tie down equipment. Tighten and release winch straps and easily secure your cargo on rollback wreckers as well as car carrier trailers.


Tie Down Bar | 38 in.

$36.00 $33.00

Tie Down Bar | 38 in. Tie-Down Bars make it easier to secure vehicles in transport in less time. They can be used in ratchet tie downs and are a critical tool to have on hand. | 38 in. 38 inches of leverage makes tough jobs easy.

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Tie Down Bar | 34 in.

$37.00 $32.00

Tie Down Bar | 34 in. Use this Tie Down Bar to secure a vehicle to an auto transporter. It's made of chrome-plated steel for durability and has a textured hand grip for secure operation. - Length: 34 in.

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Tie Down Bar | 28 in.

$33.00 $30.00

Tie Down Bar | 28 in. Your Go-To Tie Down Bar  Secure cargo for transport with this Tie Down Bar. Its textured grip improves comfort and keeps your hands from slipping, and it works with various strap ratchet assemblies.   - Length: 28"-...

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Tie Down Bar | 24 in.

$32.00 $29.00

Tie Down Bar | 24 in. Great for use with Auto Haulers! Winch Bars have a gripper handle and chrome plated solid steel design that helps you get a stronger and faster hold. Finish: Chrome Plated Textured Area for Gripping FOR USE WITH 5/16 CHAIN Tie...

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