Trailer Clearance Markers

Clearance and marker lights help indicate the size of a truck or trailer to ensure you are maximally visible in darkness, low-light, and inclement weather. Functioning as auxiliary safety lights, clearance lamps help advertise the overall width and height of your vehicle to other drivers and pedestrians, while marker lamps show the length. Our high-performance Side-Marker Lamps can be used to upgrade the pieces of your existing assembly or to replace damaged or cloudy original equipment. Shop our wide and attractive selection of colors and styles to fulfill legal regulations and requirements.

All of our lights are tested for quality control and long-life.

Maxxima Lights RED

$24.00 $21.00

Maxxima Lights RED Give yourself peace of mind during emergencies with this Maxxima Lights Red. Its 18 super-bright LEDs are visible up to 1.25 miles and feature three settings: still, flashing and split flash. The strong magnets and built-in stand make...

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