Tow Anchor Shackles - Screw Pin Shackles

Here at ECTTS have a variety of chain shackles for straight pulling, anchor shackles for multi-dimensional pulls, lifting shackles, and many more stainless steel D shackles and bow shackles. These connecting links are a versatile tool for connecting lifting slings, wire rope, chain, and rope, and are essential for a variety of rigging, lifting, pulling and hoisting applications. 

Screw pin anchor shackles are a highly versatile clevis as it can be used anywhere a round pin shackle can be used.  The screw pin allows for easy attachment and detachment and with a hole in the pin of the anchor shackle, it allows for the shackle to be wired shut.  The anchor shackle is made of galvanized steel for durability and toughness.  Screw pins are effective clevises to be used as hardware for the eye of a lifting sling.  Anchor shackles help protect the eye of a polyester round sling from wear and tear. 

With so many varieties and names of similar items, misspellings and specialty terms are common. You may also see shackles listed as shakles, shakle, shacles, schackles. Rigging shackles and recovery shackles are also commonly used in the industry. 

Industry terminology

Working Load Limit (WLL): The maximum load weight the product is designed to support – in a straight pull situation, and in general usage. 

Proof Load (PL): The load weight that is applied during proof testing of the product. At this weight the product may not incur visual deformation. 

Minimum Breaking Load (MBL): The minimum load weight at which the product may no longer support the load, or may fail. 

Shock Load: A sudden and drastic force exerted on the product resulting from very rapid application. This is not a recommended practice due to increased stress on the product, adversely affecting the product’s life. 

Safety Factor: The ratio between the MBL and WLL. A safety factor of 6:1 indicates the product may only break once it’s overloaded by a factor of 6 – six times the designated WLL. 

Instructions for use

Before each use, shackles should be inspected to ensure proper safety measures. Things to note include:

  • Legible markings
  • Verify the pin and body are of the same size, make and type
  • No damage to the body or threads on the pin
  • Safety bolt type shackles MUST have the split cotter pin
  • No distortion or unduly wear on the pin and the body, including gouges, nicks and corrosion
  • Do not heat-treat, as WLL may be affected
  • Never repair, modify or reshape shackles through welding, bending or heating, as WLL may be affected

Anchor Shackle 5/8in, 3.25 Tons

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Anchor Shackle | 5/8 in., 3.25 Tons ASSEMBLED IN THE USA - Rated for less than 3.25 tons Affix ratchet straps and J-hooks with confidence by using this Anchor Shackle. It's made of galvanized steel that's 5/8" thick for added durability over repeated...

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