Lighting & Electrical Accessories

I-Mon System

$165.00 $89.00

I-Mon System With the iMon Monitoring System you will never have to worry about losing your lights again with our easy to use interactive monitoring System. Operates with any system equipped with iMon electronics. Purchase with a new unit or upgrade...

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7 Way Plug 15' w/ABS

$200.47 $113.78

7 Way Plug 15' w/ABS Tectran Cable Coiled ABS Way Plugs are made for superior staying power with heavy duty construction. To eliminate the risk of sagging, these plugs possess convenient coil memory, and each package contains two plugs that meet the...

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ABS Cable Extension

$30.37 $22.32

ABS Cable Extension Gain additional length for your truck's braking system with this ABS Cable Extension. It ensures your ABS system functions properly so your vehicle can stop when it needs to. - Length: 6 ft. | OEM Part Number: S4497130180

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Cole Hersee 2 Way Toggle Switch

$8.77 $6.44

Cole Hersee 2 Way Toggle Switch This Cole Hersee 2-Way Toggle Switch comes in housing options reinforced with die cast, pure plastic, and a plastic/metal combination. The weather-resistant variations work well in environments with abundant dirt and...

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Frigette 60 Amp Converter/Charger

$365.40 $298.38

Frigette 60 Amp Converter/Charger The Frigette Battery Charger keeps your recreational vehicle 12-volt lighting and appliances running. It's also powerful enough to quickly recharge your RV battery, and it's micro-processor controlled to ensure safety. -...

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Grote 4" x 5" Tail Light Grommet

$3.55 $2.61

4” x 5” tail light grommet is designed for flush mounting lights of the 45 series. These thick rubber grommets will keep a tight hold on the taillights when they are mounted in the tail light box. The way this grommet is designed it also fits...

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Grote 7" Light Pigtail

$2.67 $1.96

Grote 7" Light Pigtail Hook up LED or incandescent lights on your trailer with this Grote 7-inch Light Pigtail. The plugs are factory molded to easily fit compatible accessories and systems.| OEM Part Number: 94902 OR GROTE 67050

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Grote Super 21 Pigtail

$2.71 $1.99

Grote Super 21 Pigtail Get help installing interior utility panels and dome lights with this Grote Super 21 Pigtail plug and wire. Use it for custom marker clearance installations to indicate the height and width of your truck so your vehicle is more...

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Panelite Wire Harness "Y"

$32.85 $12.08

Panelite Wire Harness "Y" Make fast work of connecting the air cleaner light boxes from the front and rear to a single power source with this Panelite Wire Harness' y-splitter design. Dual female and one male Packard plugs with loom ensure quick and...

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TowMate - Suction Cup Mounting Kit

$60.00 $55.00

TowMate - Suction Cup Mounting Kit Suction cup kit provides a conversion from magnetic to suction cup base for tows requiring you to mount to a non magnetic surface. These fully adjustable suction cups provide a solid hold with their press-and-lock base...

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TowMate Transmitter 4 Pin Round

$220.40 $135.85

TowMate Transmitter 4 Pin Round Set up the lights on your towing rig with this TowMate transmitter. Its electronic components are injection molded to protect against environmental conditions, and its four-pin configuration is compatible with TowMate...

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TruckLite Light Base 1" x 4"

$4.29 $3.16

TruckLite Light Base 1” x 4” Replace lights easily with this Truck-Lite Light Base. It's designed with a hot wire that simply plugs in, so installation is easy, and its low profile and sturdy polycarbonate construction make it durable. -...

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TruckLite Stop & Turn Pigtail

$5.23 $3.85

TruckLite Stop & Turn Pigtail Keep from ruining your LEDs with this TruckLite Stop & Turn Pigtail. The 16-gauge GPT wire and tin-plated terminals prevent salt, water and corrosives from affecting the connectors to your LED lights. - Length: 8.5...

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