Right Weigh Scales and Accessories

Accurately measure the legal weight of your haul, reduce weight management operating costs, and support your safety efforts with these industrial load scales and guages.

On-board scales allow you to maximize your load capacity; rework and weigh your loads at your convenience. Our digital load scales by Right Weigh monitor the weight of single, tandem, and tri-axle groups on any air suspension straight truck, tractor, or trailer. The load scale utilizes a two-point calibration process to ensure accurate weight readings within 300 lbs.

Additionally, the digital gauges are weather-tight and made to withstand temperature extremes.

No more detours or fees for commercial ground scales. Increase profits by avoiding overweight fines and reducing out-of-route mileage. With a unique range of features and functions, simple installation and quick calibration, these mechanical scales make your haul easier than ever before!

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