Lifting Slings & Round Slings

A polyester round sling is a versatile, convenient, and cost-effective way to lift a variety of cargo. Manufactured in the USA from a continuous loop of polyester yarn, round slings are covered with a durable polyester fabric that is color-coded by capacity. Polyester Round Slings, sometimes called dual path slings, are an alternative when web slings or nylon web slings are wider than 4 inches and 4 ply thick. Polyester round slings have a body made up of multiple wraps of polyester yarn so they do not choke lock, and the design allows it to adjust to the contours and hug a load better than other types of lifting slings. Our slings are made of premium grade materials for durability and long lasting dependability. Our straps are strength tested used the most stringent quality control procedures defined by the United States military so we can provide you the best slings on the market. Check out the table at the bottom of the page for more information about our Lifting Slings & Round Slings.



Recovery Slings 4' Slings  Purple Round Sling : WLL 2,100 - 5,200 lbs Red Round Sling : WLL 10,600 - 26,400 lbs
Round Slings  10' Slings  Blue Round Sling : WLL 17,000 - 42,400 lbs Yellow Round Sling : WLL 6,700 - 16,800 lbs
Wheel Slings  12' Slings  Green Round Sling : WLL 4,200 - 10,600 lbs  
Level 2 Round Sling Kit | ECTTS


Level 2 Round Sling Kit | ECTTS

$471.00 $422.00

Level 2 Round Sling Kit | ECTTS Our Synthetic Polyester Round Slings are a great tool for pulling, lifting and rigging! We've put together a kit for you  ECTTS Round Slings are made with a continuous loop of polyester fabric core that resists...

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