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Cottrell Complete Kit

$29.52 $20.94

Seal kit is for Cottrell Aluminum cylinders. The rod size is 1 ½” and the bore is 2 ½”. The actual measurement of the diameter for the cylinder is 2 7/8”. This seal kit will replace all of the seals in this size of...

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Cottrell Cylinder Packing Nut 2"

$53.64 $38.06

Aluminum packing nut is for Cottrell cylinders. This piece would go on the end of the cylinder were the rod would come out to extend the decks. The center hole would fit an 1 ½” rod with a bore size of 2” (actual size of cylinder is 2...

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Universal Seal Installation Tool

$50.53 $37.13

Universal Seal Installation Tool This durable Universal Seal Installation Tool has been specially designed to mitigate the risk of any damage to the seal lip. - Seal ID Range: 2-3 in. - Maximum Heel Cross Section: 0.600 in. - Weight: 0.32 lbs.| OEM Part...

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Boydstun Valve Handle Rebuild Kit

$130.90 $92.86

With this kit you will be able to rebuild your handle. It comes with a new handle, a rubber snub, top aluminum block to hold the handle, and two mounting screws. If your handles have play in them, this would be the part to order. Universal | OEM...

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Cap for Hydraulic Tank

$18.84 $13.84

Cap for Hydraulic Tank Protect hydraulic fluid   Provide ventilation for volatile liquids with this Buyers Products Cap for Hydraulic Tank. It filters out dust and dirt to protect hydraulic fluid, oil and other fluids from contaminants.| OEM Part...

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Baldwin Hydraulic Filter - BT287

$21.77 $15.17

Hydraulic-Filter-bt287 Full-Flow Lube Spin-on Fits: Ag-Chem, Bobcat, Case, Demag, Hydra-Mac, Hyster, John Deere, Manitowoc, Michigan Fluid Power, Steiger Equipment Replaces: Bobcat 6552507, Case A57857; Demag 25577440; Hydra-Mac 3401-307; John Deere...

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Boydstun Check Valve

$133.63 $103.56

With this check valve in place it will make sure that there is 75-PSI minimum when using the valve bank. This will ensure that there will be enough hydraulic fluid running through your valve bank during operation. Aluminum. Boydstun | OEM Part Number:...

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Boydstun Valve Section

$338.72 $248.93

Boydstun Valve Section This Boydstun Valve Section is perfectly designed to help you easily replace old, worn-out valves. It includes the handle and seals you need to get the job done without ever having to disconnect a line.| OEM Part Number: 41537-1

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Cottrell Cylinder End Cap 2" IL

$48.60 $34.48

To determine if you have an IL (IN-LINE) end cap or a 90-degree end cap, you need to look at your original cylinder hydraulic input connections. If both the top and bottom end caps and hydraulic hoses enter the cylinder in a straight-line fashion, then...

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Delavan Complete Kit

$20.81 $15.29

Cylinder seal kit will fit a Delavan cylinder with the rod size of 1 ½” and bore size of 2 ½”. The diameter measurement of the bore is 2 7/8”. This seal kit will replace all of the seals that are included in this cylinder...

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Parker Crimp JIC 6-6 Female 3/8"

$9.74 $7.39

Parker Crimp JIC 6-6 Female 3/8” Keep hoses free from kinks with this Parker Swivel Hose Adapter. Its permanent crimp coupling, zinc plating and durable steel construction help to create a hose assembly that resists rust and provides reliable...

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