Hydraulics - Hose & Fittings for Wreckers & Car Carrier Trailers

We stock a wide selection of Parker fittings and hoses, Baldwin filters and Muncie pumps for maintaining your the hydraulic systems on your trailer. 


$21.00 $19.00

Parker FITTING REUSABLE Save Your Damaged Hoses  Repair hoses with this Parker fitting. It's designed to work with medium pressure applications to ensure quality, leak-proof seals that you can count on. | OEM Part Number: 20620-5-6

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Parker Crimp JIC 8-8 Female

$17.00 $16.00

  Parker Crimp JIC 8-8 Female ½” Protect your hoses  Crimp hose fitting with a swivel in order to keep your hoses from curling. Steel made with zinc plating to keep from rusting. Parker | OEM Part Number: 10643-8-8

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