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Providing Quality Rigging Supplies: Slings, Spreader Bars, Shackles, & Lifting Beams

Handle professional marine and boating applications as well as standard vehicle towing and recovery using our lifting and rigging equipment. You can make reliable connections for short-distance loads with snatch blocks rated for vehicles from 2 to 15 tons, which have spring-loaded latch kits and screw pins to let you rig wire rope easily, while our anchor shackles and heavy-duty web shackles help you safely distribute the load weight. Our bronze-bushed item lets you connect D-rings, banjo eyes and side rails to another piece of chain.

For flexible connections on flatbeds and rollbacks, we carry snatch blocks with Grade 70 chain and a grab hook included. Stabilize lifts up to 5 tons with an ASME-compliant spreader beam that adjusts in 1-inch increments to fit the load size. Our chemical-resistant recovery slings come in 20- and 30-foot lengths and are made of 2-ply nylon to ensure durability when tying down and securing cars and boats, and we even carry sling straps from B/A Products that are made specifically for loading and transporting motorcycles.

Choose from a wide variety of synthetic polyester round slings in multiple colors and lengths of 4, 10 and 12 feet, which can be used for vertical, choker and basket applications. These have a double-layer polyester jacket to increase their strength and durability, while their nonabrasive characteristics make them a good choice for avoiding damage to personal vehicles. In addition, they resist rot, mildew and bacteria and have a long service life.

You can also secure loads with our wheel sling, which has a protective Cordura sleeve over the slim, 3/4-inch thick synthetic rope. This item includes a special braid guard in the center to keep it working longer for you. The wide assortment of high-quality items that we offer ensures you'll find the equipment you're most likely to need when performing professional towing and recovery operations. We carry a full line of rigging equipment and hardware for all types of applications in the marine, boating, towing and recovery professions. If you have a question about any of our products, call one of our expert sales professionals today at 1-866-490-7278

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ECTTS 15 Ton Snatch Block

$302.76 $222.88

Premium 15 Ton Snatch Blocks   Designed for faster recovery, these quick snatch service blocks quickly attach loads over a short distance as opposed to long lifts or continuous service for which crane and construction blocks are designed...

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ECTTS 8 Ton Snatch Block

$143.17 $98.99

8 Ton Snatch Blocks Today’s most widely used types of service blocks are snatch blocks made popular by design. These recovery blocks quickly snatch loads over a short distance. Each paint coated block includes a spring loaded latch kit and a...

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ECTTS 4 Ton Snatch Block

$82.75 $62.69

4 Ton Snatch Blocks Today’s most widely used types of towing blocks are snatch blocks. These services blocks quickly attaches to recover loads over a short distance. Each is bronze bushed and has a spring loaded latch kit. They all have a...

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ECTTS 2 Ton Snatch Block

$60.70 $35.57

Snatch Blocks Today’s most widely used types of blocks are snatch blocks. Its title refers to a group of service blocks which quickly attaches and snatches loads over a short distance as opposed to long lifts or continuous service for which crane...

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6" x 30' - 2 PLY Recovery Sling

$516.71 $299.99

6" x 30' - 2 PLY Recovery Sling ASSEMBLED IN THE USA - These two-ply Recovery Slings by Mazzella are made of nylon for superior utility and chemical resistance. It's resistant to grease and oils and is made of heavy-duty Edge Guard material...

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6"x20' 2 Ply Recovery Sling

$379.46 $219.99

6"x20' 2 Ply Recovery Sling ASSEMBLED IN THE USA - This 2-Ply Recovery Sling by ECTTS is ideal for providing stability and power during vehicle recovery. The extra thickness reinforces the strength and durability of the product against heavy loads...

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Adjustable Spreader Beam

$3,913.92 $2,799.99

Adjustable Spreader Beam Product Features:*  Ideal where headroom is not limited.*  Adds stability to lift.*  Telescopic spread standard.*  Spread adjusts in 1” increments.* Complies with ASME standards.   Model #:...

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Anchor Shackle 5/8", 3.25 Tons

$12.53 $9.21

Anchor Shackle 5/8", 3.25 TonsASSEMBLED IN THE USA - Rated for less than 3.25 tons Affix ratchet straps and J-hooks with confidence by using this Anchor Shackle. It's made of galvanized steel that's 5/8" thick for added durability over repeated uses. -...

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Wheel Sling

$301.60 $221.65

Wheel Sling ASSEMBLED IN THE USA - ¾”x8’ Wheel Sling, Slimmer synthetic rope maintains higher WLL, Protective cordura sleeve over entire sling, Special braid guard at center of sling for extended life, 6" sling...

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