Safety Hi-Vis Clothing for Women by Safety4Her 

Safety Activewear For Hardworking Women

Women's premium high visibility (hi-vis) clothing, leggings and accessories. Our new safety activewear is

designed for women in towing, construction, emergency response and those on the run. Be seen and keep safe day and night!

Born from necessity, our new Safety4Her clothing line provides exactly what the brand implies, safety for her! Women on the go enjoy this durable yet comfortable clothing with safety in mind. Offering practical designs for women on the run as well as those who work in towing, construction, emergency response, and other industries that demand safety while working. Safety4Her has the diverse range of snug, durable, high visibility (Hi-Vis) reflective quality while also fashionable -just what working women deserve. 

"We want to set an example for women that nothing can stop you from being who you want to be. Our customers can expect the friendly, personalized customer care that comes from a family-owned business." - Melissa Gaglione, President