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GoJak Dollies are the solution to your automobile positioning problems. The GoJak is a mechanical lift + dolly allowing 1-2 people to safely and quickly move a vehicle on a smooth level surface. GoJaks operate on the principle of a quick action, bi-directional, double-pawl ratchet. Mechanical leverage applied to the foot pedal progressively "squeezes" the vehicle tire between the rollers until the tire lifts smoothly off the ground. The rollers touch only the tire and no contact is made with the vehicle’s frame or undercarriage. The low center of gravity after lifting helps make these dollies safe and stable in use. The pure mechanical design eliminates the need for electric power, compressed air, or slow hydraulics.

The GoJak is available in right or left hand models. For effective use of this product, a minimum of 2 GoJaks are required.


GoJak Wheel Caster Assembly - 4in

$37.00 $29.00

GoJak Wheel Caster Assembly - 4" Keep equipment portable with this GoJak Wheel Caster Assembly. The rotating mount lets you swivel heavy objects 360 degrees, and the threaded stem is compatible with select GoJak models. These durable replacement wheels...

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