Towing Chains & Hooks

Recovery Chain and Grab Hooks for a Variety of Tow Pulls

We offer an extensive chains for towing, recovery chain, and safety chain. Available in bulk lengths and can be custom cut to order. They are manufactured with high-quality hooks and provide high strength suitable for a variety of situations and the most demanding tow jobs. Operate knowing that you're using high-quality equipment made to exacting standards.

Below are our customer favorites and most chain configurations, but keep in mind that we can customize our products to fit your needs. Our product specialists can help with any questions you have and can also assist you in placing an order. Call 1-866-490-7278 

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custom towing chains

Grade 80 Chain 5/16 in. Black


Grade 80 Chain 5/16 in. Black Durable Black 80 Grade Chain  Get help lifting heavy objects with this ECTTS Grade 80 Chain. It's made from special analysis alloy steel, so it's strong and durable yet low in weight. This chain is sold by the foot and...

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Grade 70 Ratchet Binder | 3/8 in.

$46.00 $33.00

Grade 70 Ratchet Binder | 3/8 in. Safely fits 3/8-in. or 1/2-in. Chains Keep all of your truck cargo secure with this ECTTS Ratchet Binder. Meant to secure medium to heavy equipment and machinery, it helps to keep your towing as smooth as possible...

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