Interview with Creator and Innovator of Safety4Her Products

Jul 23rd 2019

      1. What made you start Safety4Her?
        1. As a woman working in the towing industry, I found that there wasn’t a lot of clothing available for women. I searched first couple of years in the industry and I couldn’t find anything, and finally I said, “Why don’t I just try to make it myself?” and here I am.
      2. What separates your brand from the others?
        1. I think what separates Safety4Her from all the other brands is that it’s customized, it’s made for women. Our thought processes is: women are built different than men.  So, the clothing that we do customize and make are for the fit of women.
      3. What have you learned since starting Safety4Her?
        1. That this is definitely a huge leap in the industry, in all industries actually, in that there isn’t enough clothing for women.
      4. Tell us more about your products.
        1. Well we have obviously launched the hi-vis leggings, the leggings I have on (part#6084) {for example}, they are thick, water-resistant, bacteria fighting, and hi-vis reflective. Our hi-vis orange and our hi-vis yellow/green have pockets on the side, they also have a pen-pocket. There’s a zipper in the back as well. And they are also water-resistant, bacteria fighting and hi-vis reflective. And the biggest selling point, I get asked about this all the time: they are breathable! So even working in 85 – 90 degrees, you will be able to breathe and they’re not see-through.

      5. What’s your most popular selling item?
        1. The two most popular items we see right now are the leggings I have on (part#6084) the black ones with the reflective stripes, and also our hi-vis yellow/green leggings those are one of our biggest sellers.
      6. Does your apparel run big, small, or true to fit?
        1. The leggings I have on (part#6084) run a little bit smaller, the other leggings do run a little big bigger. They’re two different materials but for the most part they do run pretty good true to size.
      7. Where are your products available for sale?
        1. They can find them at and
      8. What’s the average delivery time?
        1. It is 3-4 business days
      9. And do you offer free shipping?
        1. Yes, we do!
      10. So what’s next for safety for her?
        1. Safety4Her will be launching our hi-vis customized vests that have the yoga on the side as well to conform to a woman’s body. So, what it does is prevent any woman from getting hooked or getting caught on objects. We also have our hi-vis class 2 and class 3 rain suits that are coming out customized for women’s shapes and sizes that will be adjustable in length and on the sides for every woman’s shape.