Roadside Assistance

The equipment you need to keep safe while working on the roadside.

As a professional towing or recovery company, you often get calls from people with urgent problems. Stay safe when making emergency runs in high-traffic areas with our roadside assistance equipment. These products help your crew handle issues quickly to protect both them and your customers when problems occur on busy streets.

For breakdowns and dead batteries, we carry a variety of lithium ion jump starters from brands like NOCO. These units get the vehicle running in seconds and can be used on engines up to 8.0L, including diesel and high displacement varieties in vehicles including cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and lawn mowers, and the small, portable devices won't create sparks and have reverse polarity protection to prevent accidental injuries. They can also be used to run phone chargers, tire pumps and inverters and even include an LED flashlight for working safely at night. We also offer flashlights with magnetic mountings separately.

When customers need help getting into a locked vehicle, you'll be ready with our roadside assistance tools for lockouts. It's important to get customers back on the road fast, and we have a variety of door tools, kits and extensions, solid plastic and inflatable wedges and other equipment to open doors quickly and safely without damaging the vehicle.

If problems are found with shocks, springs or other undercar parts, we have equipment to help there, too. To safely lift cars and trucks so workers can get underneath, we offer tire stands and wheel chocks as well as heavy-duty jacks and accessories from companies such as GoJak to get vehicles back on the road while protecting both the owner and your crew.

Your company's reputation for professional work depends on having reliable tools. Be sure you're always equipping your employees with the highest-quality roadside assistance equipment by starting at ECTTS.

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Air Wedge Lockout Kit

$67.27 $49.99

The vinyl air wedge has an internal stiffener along with a one-hand push button release valve for easy, dependable use. To use the air wedge you must slip the flattened wedge into the door frame and then inflate it with the attached hand pump. This makes...

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ECTTS Door Tool

$38.83 $18.10

The Big Easy Tool opens doors without having to manipulate the internal door mechanism, so there is no risk of damaging window hardware, door locks, or wiring on the inside. With the Big Easy Tool, you can easily open the door from inside the car by...

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NOCO® Genius Boost Lithium Ion Jumpstarter GB150 NOCO® Genius Boost Lithium-ion 11.1 Volt Jumpstarter

NOCO® Genius Boost Lithium Ion Jumpstarter GB150

$420.00 $299.95

NOCO® Genius Boost Heavy Duty Lithium Ion Jumpstarter (GB150) Instantly jump start most single-battery applications, up to 80+ times on a single charge. Safely Jump Start A Dead Battery In Seconds For High-Displacement Gas And Diesel Engines In...

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ECTTS - Inflatable Air Wedge

ECTTS - Inflatable Air Wedge

$25.00 $24.19

ECTTS - Inflatable Air Wedge The inflatable Air Wedge carefully separates the door panel from the vehicles window, allowing easy access for long reach door tools.

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In The Ditch Aluminum Tire Stand

$399.02 $293.24

In The Ditch Prod In The Ditch Aluminum Tire Stand Get your vehicle off the ground with this In The Ditch Aluminum Tire Stand. Its concave design cradles the tire to let you secure the front axle and work more safely. - Working load limit: 10,000 lbs.|...

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